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Adult Education

Check Back soon for information about our next registration!

  • Do I have to come in person to register? Can I sign up online?
    Yes, you must come to APDC to register. However, in certain limited circumstances, you may be allowed to register online. Contact APDC at 303-923-9620 if you cannot come to APDC.
  • Can APDC help me apply for naturalization?
    Yes. APDC provides 3 citizenship workshops a year. Workshops are open to all eligible students and community members. Students also have the option of hiring an immigration attorney for $50.00. For more information, contact Alex Bisges at (303) 617-2567 or at
  • Can I start my class late?
    No. Students must begin classes the first week of the trimester.
  • How do I register? Do I need to bring anything to register?
    You must come to APDC twice to complete the registration process. First, you must complete paperwork and take a test on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of registration week. Next, you must return for Orientation on Thursday or Friday. You will receive your schedule, supplies and online platforms. Bring an ID if you have one.
  • Can people study for the GED at APDC?
    Yes, they can. For more questions, contact Jonathan Huie at (303) 923-6301 or at
  • I have a learning disability. Can I take classes? How can APDC help me?
    Yes. APDC welcomes individuals with disabilities and provides reasonable accommodations. To request accommodations, please contact Lizbeth Jacobs, Accessible Design Coordinator, if possible, before registration at 303-923-6320 or at
  • I am living in another state. Can I take online classes?
    No. We only offer classes to Colorado residents.
  • Do you have babysitting?
    No. We have Family Literacy, an early childhood education program for children between 6 months and 5 years old. This program is for parents who take APDC classes and attend a weekly class for both children and parents. For more information contact Cassie Leutz at (303) 617-2306 or at
  • What time are your classes and how long do they run?
    In-person classes are 9 am and 12 pm. Online classes are at 9 am, 12 pm and 6pm. Our classes are thirteen weeks long. We offer three thirteen-week trimesters each year. The next trimester is from July 24 to October 20, 2023.
  • How much do classes cost?
    ESL, ABE/ASE/GED, Workforce and Family Literacy classes are free. Citizenship classes are $40 with $20.00 refunded during post-testing.
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