Why is it important? 

Counting every person in America is not easy, but it is important. The census decides how much money we get for roads, hospitals, schools, and much more! Make sure you are counted and complete the census today!

What’s important to you? Schools? Transportation? Hospitals? The U.S. census bureau can only know if we tell them! Make sure you’re counted!

Is it confidential?

Your answers to the #2020Census are kept secret. It is against the law for the Census bureau to tell anyone.

How can I complete the census

There are 3 ways to take the #2020Census: online, by phone, with the paper form. Choose your way!

APDC is working with the U.S. census bureau to make your voice heard! Keep scrolling for help to complete your form!

How to complete your 2020 Census!

What is census? Watch Teacher Alex’s lesson to learn more:

You can complete the #2020Census with a paper form! Watch Teacher Alex’s lesson to learn how:

You can complete the #2020Census online! Watch Teacher Michaely’s Zoom lesson to learn how:


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