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Citizenship Classes

Classes are offered online and in person. 

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 To prepare students to become U.S. Citizens, our citizenship classes cover:


  • Vocabulary for the citizenship test and interview

  • 100 civics questions

  • Interview practice

  • Assistance filling out the Application for Naturalization (N-400) and Fee Waiver (I-912). In most circumstances we encourage students to be at Level 4 or higher before submitting their Citizenship Application.

We have high rates of interview and exam success for students that attend citizenship class.

Citizenship Class at APDC (In Person)

1537 Alton St. Aurora, CO 80010

Days & Times TBD

Zoom Citizenship Classes (Online)

Days & Times TBD

*Citizenship Classes cost $40.00 each 13-week trimester. $20.00 will be refunded at the time of post-testing. These fees help fund class materials, textbooks, and events.*

*Learners must plan for one period of independent study. All learners must have at least sixty (60) instructional hours at the end of the 13-week trimester*

Additional Programming:

  • APDC offers assistance  with the  Application for Naturalization (N-400) and Fee Waiver (I-912). Form preparation and assistance is offered through private appointments and at citizenship workshops. Citizenship workshops are open to all eligible community members. Workshops are offered at least 3 times annually. All workshop applications are reviewed by a reputable immigration attorney. *In most cases  we encourage students to be at a Level 4 or higher before submitting their Application for Naturalization (N-400).*


  • Upon naturalization  learners have access to post-naturalization assistance. APDC can help current students apply for a passport  (DS-11), fill out the Application for Certificate of Citizenship (N-600) for their minor children, and register to vote. 


  • APDC honors new US Citizens at citizenship celebrations. These celebrations are attended by students, their family members and local leaders. 

For any questions about our citizenship program, please contact Alex Bisges: or call 303.617.2567

APDC Citizenship

APDC Citizenship

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