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 When you donate to APDC, your support makes our entire community stronger and healthier. The generosity of people like you help to ensure that Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, immigrant, and refugee communities in Colorado are healthy and empowered. 

Become an APDC Visionary

 APDC's origin is centered around a collective group of visionary leaders who knew that our communities thrive with the right elements - empowering local leaders in mental health field, listening to community needs, and creating solutions and space for our community to heal and grow. Almost 40 year later, APDC continues to be a leader in health, education, and advocacy services. Always growing and adapting to ensure we bring the best care and resources to those who need them the most. We continue on this journey with visionaries like you, who can also see a bright future and know that the hard work is done in the present!

APDC is turning 40 in August 2020 and we need supportive visionaries to sustain our work into the future. 

We Need You!

Join us as an APDC Visionary and your monthly recurring donation will impact the lives of hundreds in Colorado's Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, refugee, and immigrant communities. By supporting our whole health services, you help us provide:

  • Culturally and linguistically-sensitive behavioral health services and primary care

  • Adult Education, including English as a Second Language, citizenship, and job training classes

  • Victim assistance and crisis counseling

  • Health equity and advocacy

  • Youth leadership and mentoring programs

  • Translation and interpretation services


Every donation goes a long way in addressing the needs of the unique communities we serve. By joining us as an APDC Visionary, you are helping sustain programs that ensure our community members have access to health, education, and advocacy services which support their well-being and bright futures. 

(You can change or cancel your recurring donation at any time)

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