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APDC’s Health Equity Department works in and with Asian and Pacific Islander communities to advance health equity and racial equity in Colorado by helping our communities recognize and exercise their power.


APDC is at the forefront of a pan-API movement in Colorado to improve the wellbeing of our communities and all communities. Asian, Pacific Islander, refugee, and immigrant communities are often left out of conversations about race and racism and are frequently discouraged from political participation- we seek to change that reality. Our Health Equity Department looks towards the social determinants of health and organizes to improve conditions relating to the health and wellbeing of ALL of our communities.


APDC educates in our communities- The Health Equity Department seeks to help our communities recognize the role they play in creating change. We share tools to understand how systems of inequity impact them and others, as well as how to take part in decisions that impact their lives and communities. From Know Your Rights to Know Your History presentations, we tell the stories of our communities to each other as well as to others.


APDC organizes in our communities- The Health Equity Department connects people to services at APDC, helps organize in  our communities, record our stories, and advocate for changes to improve the wellbeing of our communities..


APDC mobilizes in our communities- The Health Equity Department responds to issues affecting our communities. We advocate for the changes our communities need and connect community members to events and actions to make those changes happen.

Reach out to our Health Equity Department to share an issue that you may be experiencing or have witnessed in the API community!

Actions and Events
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