Leaders Among Leaders

Now in its 27th year of operation, Leaders Among Leaders focuses on leadership development for some of the finest young scholars and most promising young leaders in the Denver Metro area. Each year Leaders Among Leaders  accepts applications from API high school (sophomore and up) and college (below the age of 21) students, interviews and selects 30 young leaders to participate in the program that provides intense leadership training and engages them in service learning projects. The program is coordinated by a team of Youth Delegates under the supervision of YLA™ staff (Program Director & Program Coordinators).

The Leaders Among Leaders strives to nurture well-rounded young leaders who are not only successful in their schools but also in their homes and communities. The program entails:

  • Bi-weekly meetings/workshops

  • Monthly service learning projects

  • Monthly social (coordinated by members; not mandatory)

  •  YLA summer program – planning, coordinating and implementing an entire summer program for their refugee peers to gain more hands-on experience on leadership and service learning

After a successful year in the program, students will receive certificates of completion and are welcome to reapply to renew their membership, which will then be dependent upon their participation and commitment from the previous year.

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For more information, contact:

Mr. Habakkuk Ammishaddai, APDC Youth Leadership Academy™ (YLA™) Program Director

habakkuk@apdc.org | 303.923.2926 (Direct)