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Workforce services

These services are ONLY available for current students.

Workplace English

Workplace English teaches students how to talk at work. We learn how to write emails, how to solve problems with coworkers, how to ask for a raise, and learn other professional vocabulary that helps us have more success in American jobs. This class is open to all registered APDC students.

For questions, contact Heather Morgan


Career Navigation

Do you want to go to college? Do you want to learn more about training? Do you have some ideas about your career goals but you want help to decide which goal is right for you? If you are a registered APDC student, you can contact Heather Morgan to make an appointment. She will talk to you about your goals and help you:

  • Find the right career path for you

  • Figure out the steps you need to take to reach your goal

  • Apply for college

  • Apply for job search programs if needed

  • Apply for a job

  • Write emails that will help you communicate with employers and colleges


For more information, please contact our Career Navigator, Heather Morgan or 303-923-6811

English for Healthcare

In the English for Healthcare class, you will learn language about healthcare jobs, hospitals, sickness, bodies, and other topics that will help you pass tests that help you enter training programs at community college. This class is NOT job training, but it will give you language to help you start training to work in healthcare!

For questions, contact Heather Morgan


Student Navigators Program

The Student Navigator program prepares advanced level, currently enrolled students to assist their communities through paid on-the-job training. The 10-week program provides students the skills they need to help their fellow students navigate their learning and connect to necessary community resources. Students wishing to apply for this program should contact Lizbeth Jacobs at

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