YoutH Leadership Academy

APDC Youth Leadership Academy™ (APDC YLA™) is an integrated, comprehensive program APDC offers for AAPI youth in Colorado. From middle school through college, APDC YLA™ provides services to foster future leaders in our community, with a mission “to help youth discover their potential to become strong leaders who embrace and balance their cultures and identities.” The Youth Leadership Academy™ consists of three components: academic enrichment, leadership, and mentoring.

We offer several programs throughout the Denver Metro area, which run throughout the school year. YLA™ has year round applications, but students are encouraged to sign up at the beginning of the school year or semester.

Please note: After-school tutoring and our mentor program is only offered to students who are currently enrolled 

in YLA programming at Aurora Central High School, Aurora West College Preparatory Academy, Hinkley High School, and North Middle School. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate referrals or students outside of this scope at the current time. 



1537 Alton Street


CO 80010


Tel: 303.923.2920